Where is the future of television headed? (part 2)

It seems that every week this becomes a more prominent space for technology because no one can get it right. As I stated It will take time for consumers to make the ultimate buying decision of cable, cord cutting, and buying by the season.

Last week CEO of Hulu Randy Freer came out and said that their Hulu Live service may add skinnier bundles. This sound familiar? It sounds to me like Hulu being a pipe for others content like cable is with the added “but we have Handmaids Tale” along with other exclusives, seems to be the norm of most streaming services. Netflix pumps out their original content every week so they can cover up the fact that they lose movies you know due to the prices they pay to retain the rights to have them.

What you’re going to see is a huge wave of streaming services spin-off and others that you don’t expect like Sony. This is all a test of the market and when that test is over, companies will prioritize their losses and the fallout will leave what services customers should apply to.

Now that there is a lot of streaming services, it is hard to know what to watch and services are horrible at marketing what they have to offer. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is a great show that won the most Emmys but the viewership doesn’t match the quality and that’s because Amazon only promotes its shows when you watch another Amazon show. Don’t get me started on the Amazon UI that is so bad you can’t find the good stuff that Amazon has to off such as a selection of A24 movies. You want to know what a company looks like without AI. Look at Netflix’s recommendations. They suggest you watch movies/shows that you’ve already seen.

Now we are living in the golden age of television over movies. I always tell my friends to watch this show and watch this show and they get onto me because I’m not watching the current season of “The Good Place” because there are too many shows on too many networks/services.

This will all take time. Companies are starting to realize that people don’t want cable no matter how they spin it to save them money. Even the giant Comcast will fold at some point.

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