Why I’m Rooting For Facebook

I know with the scrutiny that Facebook has been under recently with the data breach, the not showing up to defend the data hearings, Mark Zuckerberg overall not being a friendly looking guy, and not to mention that the person driving the company (Sheryl Sandberg) is digging the hole deeper.

With all the bad press, you wonder why I would be rooting for Facebook to be on the up and up. I want this because something as popular as Facebook should not be hated by its users. As I stated in a previous blog of mine, Facebook can’t be toppled anytime soon because they steal features on a whim, and everyone you know that’s important wouldn’t migrate away from Facebook (Facebook effect). Or they try to buy an up and coming company.

There are some parts I like in place about Facebook like internet.org, my master’s thesis is over if the internet is a human right and if the internet were given to the people of the world such as a human right, internet.org is a step in the right direction. However for Facebook to have an initiative like that feels like a hidden agenda since they are giving people access to the internet that normally wouldn’t those are people who now have access to Facebook that normally wouldn’t. The fact that Facebook brings groups together in ways people don’t realize. Facebook had a real name policy but changed it in light of the backlash from the LGBT community.

Stockholders are already questioning if roles will shake up at the top but Mark has officially said things will not change. Which is a shame because for years and years Mark and everyone under him do not care about its user’s perception of data privacy. They ask for forgiveness rather than permission when it comes to user perception.

I’m not sure who would be waiting in the wings if Mark were to be stepping down. Cheryl is the obvious choice but she’s co-piloting already enough as it is. There wouldn’t be much difference having a CEO name.

For more information on how consumers view Facebook, here is an article from NBC News.

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