Have you ever considered switching?


Have you ever considered switching phone OS’? I currently own an Android device. I would like to switch with my friend who says he “wants” to switch to a Pixel but I tell him not to. Not because he wouldn’t like it, but because he should stick to what he knows. He has had an Apple device since forever and switching to something like an Android is taxing to learn since Android is complex (not on purpose) and Apple is simple by design. I’m biased against Apple and I’ll admit but it is because I want to stay platform agnostic and Apple doesn’t allow that with its products. You have to buy an iPhone to work an Apple TV. What if I wanted an Apple watch for my Android phone…HA! not in a million years.

Microsoft is seen as a services company. So it’s easy to be pro -Microsoft and have an Android device because they (Microsoft) make a lot of apps that help be comfortable in the Microsoft ecosystem. The most I have ever seen customizable on an iDevice is Microsofts keyboard and it worked well. I only used it when I had an iPhone SE so it may be different by now but it did make texting with one hand a breeze with the curved keyboard so you could reach across all letters with ease.

So is there any benefit to switching if you are accustomed to an ecosystem? Only if you are tired of what you have and want change. I can’t see any real benefit. You got what wanted in the first place because that’s what drew you to that platform. For iOS it may be iMessage and Android, it may be that you are able to customize your device.


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