Media Literacy

It’s been going on for too long about “Fake News”. But what is being done to stop the fake news? Have Facebook implement people to monitor what is fake? Blame Donald Trump for the term? No and no. Facebook can’t be monitored at the scale that it is at which is 1.5+ billion plus people. The people running Facebook can be held more accountable but they are not solely the problem. Even one percent of that is hard to monitor. Donald Trump didn’t coin the term “fake news”. Fake News has always been around. He simply popularized it by being a person who is in the spotlight of being president. Using it to get where he is today has made that popularization even worse because other people have dismissed facts as being fake news.

What needs to be done is training the people who read the stuff to be better aware of the content that is going on. To be able to recognize the fake from the real. To be more…media literate. The only question that comes from this is, how important is media literacy. Well, it expands beyond just recognizing fake news. People complain too much these days about others being on their phone too much or they put in front of a tablet/phone too young. Parents can’t be held accountable. Throwing blame at one person or another is throwing the baby out with the bath water. Good has come from Facebook that you simply can’t dismiss them altogether. The same can’t be said for Trump but you can say that he has brought this awareness to people and that something should be done about all this. We as humans are wired to dismiss/throw away anything that we deem dangerous or when change has happened upon us. It’s part of the reason we have survived this long. You regulate the technology, not throw it out.

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