(How I am) Learning To Program

Over the course of the next couple months or however it takes, I will try to learn Python. I got the idea from @Ihnatko on Twitter giving someone advice on how he should go about coding. My coding experience stems from my front end web design experience; HTML, CSS and some Javascript. Mostly design stuff and not the nitty-gritty coding. 

Python is a general-purpose coding based language that can be used for just about anything; web development, data analysis, artificial intelligence, and scientific computing.

I have tried using Codeacademy before and I just never stuck through with it because I would get impatient and give up when things got hard. I’ll be sure and take my time with this book method. Also, coding is just math in disguise and I am the worst at math.

That being the case, if I can do it, anyone can. I may do the Swift playground after I get the hang of Python so we’ll see how that goes.

I like writing about technology or at least how we consume media which requires technology and coding is something that is a big part of it.

I bought this book after hearing about it on Daily Tech News Show from a listener who also gave advice on how he got into coding.

I don’t see myself making a living on coding. It’ll be more for hobby reasons.  Maybe tinker with Rasberry Pi.

So far I have done 7 lessons in the book. I had a hard time dealing with Powershell. After that, I have gotten the hang of it. Printing is something that has become a big deal with Python.

I have moved and been settling down in the Austin area. Along with my computer doing this:


I had fallen off the book for a month. Now I have gotten back into will be learning. I am currently on exercise 10.

Contact me on Twitter on my progress (@fka_dan), this will be the only time I write about my learning of Python.




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