The Too Late, Right On Time Predictions For 2020

Sorry all, I have not been writing but I will get my podcast and write more in the upcoming year. Hope to see and collaborate with more of you in the upcoming months.

First lets I would like to reflect on my predictions that I had for 2019:

There will be an alternative to passwords

While this may not have happened, passwords are more and more being looked down upon and it is heavily suggested you have two-factor with a Key. Microsoft and Google are pining that you do this for their services. There has to be a way for all people to get a Yubikey or another form to access all sites.

Snapchat will go under

I thought Instagram would eat Snapchats lunch but that didn’t happen. Snapchat isn’t exactly thriving but its not dying off either. I thought the Snapchat spectacles were a desperate attempt to pivot for the company. Keep in mind that Snapchat sees itself as a camera company.

5G won’t take off

This didn’t happen no matter what AT&T puts in their ads. There is 5Ge which is a point five release of 4g. Then there’s the 5G that will only work with certain phones, it won’t work under heavy foundations and has a weak millimeter wave that won’t scale in dense urban areas. It is a very niche technology that should be used for electric cars and tech that can’t afford low-latency that 4G does.

Something like GDPR will come to USA

congress is too busy fighting among itself that it can’t focus to get something like GDPR in place. To my knowledge, nothing like GDPR has been proposed but Facebook and Twitter having to go in front of congress for data reasons is a good start to cracking down on them for their ulterior motive how they use data.


I’ll give myself one out of four.


Netflix will pivot into another product

The streaming bubble has begun. Companies as small as NBC which have had The Office and Parks Rec on Netflix for a long time, have had their shows on Netflix. Netflix will always be seen as a platform that has a show from some other studios/Networks. The problem that hurts my case is they have successful shows like The Witcher. Is it enough to keep people on or stay subscribed?

Mark Zuckerberg will be out as Facebook CEO

Mark and Facebook, in general, have too bad of an image that they need someone in the driver’s seat that knows how to run a business like Facebook. This may be wishful thinking as I think there is plenty right with Facebook, just the people in charge need to be held more accountable or be ousted.


There will be a universal standard charging cable

The lightning, USB-C are a pain to manage. Samsung and Microsoft devices had their own proprietary charger, but have since used USB-C type. The problem comes with Apple who started the lightning connector before USB-C even came into the picture and it was a good solution.

Google will release a Pixel type watch.

WearOS has become so inferior to WatchOS which is a disappointment since it arrived first. Google buying Fitbit kind of makes this pick a softball pitch as that makes it more clear of what they have in store. WearOS doesn’t take advantage of the hardware nor software and I really don’t know who to blame.  Google for not putting out a good OS.Or Qualcomm for not putting out a SOC. For the past couple of years people have been pining for a good Android watch and the best one (Galaxy Watch) is above average and can’t recommend because of the software limitations.

Well, these are my picks. I’m only confident in two and one has rumblings of already possibly happening with the EU wanting a universal charger.

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