TV Review: Maggie

Everyone was fixated on the finale of “The Boys” and its lackluster ending. This past weekend, I was in the mood for a rom-com. Starring Rebecca Rittenhouse, who hasn’t had a leading role yet but has been in smaller roles on The Mindy Project and Four Weddings and a Funeral, was the perfect cast for this kind of show.

Maggie being a Psychic who leans into it as a profession is able to see flashes of peoples future regarding their love life. The visions come as the plot or comedy needs it. She can simply touch a letter, and she will see a vision of the owner who the letter is addressed to. Her persona is that she is really hands off when it comes to relationships because she is a psychic. Her gift of seeing what’s going to happen, gives her no hope or want to take a chance on anything or anyone. For the most part, she sits someone down and tells them what she sees.
Maggie goes to a party and is the entertainment. She makes small talk with a guy named Ben who tries to woo her. When they touch, Maggie sees herself in his vision. This scares Maggie away to a certain extent. Not to give too much away, but in a later episode, she sees Ben marrying someone else, making her visions potentially unreliable.

Although it was a cute show, the production and some of the actors had a “Hallmark” vibe to them. Characters like Angel (mentor) and Louise (best friend) come in with some scene stealers, really throw off the show. That being said, those two characters alone are worth watching the show for. Angel is very much like Titus Andromedon. I you have watched Superstore, then you will appreciate what Louise brings to the show. All the side characters are entertaining as well.

Oddly there was no chemistry between Maggie’s love interest or Ben who is suppose to be “endgame” for her. She tries to date a guy named Daniel but I didn’t find him charming enough to be with a lead of a show. Ben’s character has the same problem as well.

I would recommend this show if you can appreciate a romantic comedy with above average writing and a good lead. There is no word on it being picked up for season 2.

The writing credits for this show should be noted. Justin Adler has written for Better Off Ted and Maggie Mull has written worked on Family Guy. So there is some slight absurdist humor to the show.

All episodes can be seen on Hulu now.

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