Last Minute Fantasy Strategy

By this time you should have done your fantasy football draft.  With only a few days till the NFL season starts you’re probably scrambling for a strategy to follow. Have no fear for I have come up with an idea proof but viable enough to win your league:; draft only players on bird teams (Cardinals, Ravens, Seahawks, Falcons and throw in the Jets since you know, airborne).

I’ve probably lost you by now with this idea but if you’re still reading, here are the players you should pick-up granted they are still on the board when its your turn to pick:

  1. David Johnson – RB Arizona Cardinals
  2. Julio Jones  – WR Atlanta Falcons
  3. Zach Ertz – TE Philadelphia Eagles
  4. Jay Ajayi – RB Philadelphia Eagles
  5. Devonta Freeman – RB Atlanta Falcons
  6. Doug Baldwin – WR Seattle Seahawks
  7. Isiah Crowell – RB New York Jets
  8. Russell Wilson/Matt Ryan – QB Seattle Seahawks/Atlanta Falcons
  9. Larry Fitzgerald – WR Arizona Cardinals
  10. Alex Collins – RB Baltimore Ravens
  11. Robby Anderson – WR Jets
  12. Chris Carson – RB Seattle Seahawks
  13. Michael Crabtree – WR Baltimore Ravens
  14. Justin Tucker – K Baltimore Ravens
  15. Eric Tomlinson – TE New York Jets
  16. Sam Bradford – QB Arizona Cardinals

Its anyones guess after the fourth round but that is where leagues are won. Picks like Jay Ajayi is overdrafting him in the fourth but given our strategy, it will work. Its a toss up between amongst the quarterbacks but if you can have Matt Ryan and Stash Carson Wentz, that should work as well.

If you’re still reading this you’re probably thinking this is the dumbest strategy anyone has ever come up with. Well so is fantasy football but it adds extra entertainment to the viewing.

Happy Drafting



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