Where are we with AR/VR going into 2019?

People don’t know that Virtual Reality has existed in theory since 1962 when it was patented. Since then, all tech companies and products can’t get it right. The Virtua boy in 90s flopped, the virtual experience of having your phone in a headset flopped in recent years. When the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive came out, you had to be really into the tech so much that you put a whole room in your house aside to enjoy the experience because of the space required to use the devices.

When I had the Google Daydream, my friends and family members enjoyed the experience, but they never asked me about it after that. For me, I don’t like using my phone for tasks other than communicating or checking the news. VR on the PC is fun and enjoyable for everyone, but the experience is too expensive for the casual user to the point of having to buy an expensive desktop. There are portable options, the Oculus go and the Vive Focus (Go priced at 200 and the focus 500). VR at this point has its fun uses but for the masses, it doesn’t produce productivity except it helping autistic kids.

AR, is a whole other story. We’re too far away to know what we’re getting in the AR but we like it the taste of what there is of AR already. Pokemon Go is AR light, Magic Leaps concept is nice, but even a normal person knows that is a long ways away. Ikea’s app that lets you put furniture in your house, has more uses than what VR has to offer. We are still years away till we get a solid AR product so I’ll reserve judgment for it.

In my opinion the only “reality” experience that will be right, is how The Show “Westworld” does their world and storyline experience, anything short is a disappointment. I know, in Westworld it cost thousands of dollars a day to experience it and the whole sentient thing is worrisome. Virtual Reality sickness is a thing that can’t be overcome by most people and it’s not a minor occurrence. It would be better than a Disneyworld experience, imagine going through the world of Jungle Book, Aladdin, etc. its all too expensive in theory now but years down the line, I could see this becoming a thing.

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