Is Game Of Thrones The End Of “water cooler talk” Around TV shows?

We are approaching a streaming bubble with every network/company thinking they have to put a streaming service. It diversifies people’s taste and people’s wallet. We don’t know yet who will come out on top as the best streaming service. As far as content is concerned, HBO is king. Netflix started this revolution so we can see them as a pioneer for this kind of trend. Disney+ is the one that’ll peak with all this. After they get all their subscribers, then the dominoes will fall and you’ll see services cave. They are doing it right as well. They have announced a plethora amount of content along with all the back catalog that they will have from the past.

Game of Thrones is a staple of this generation in terms of TV shows. It’s up there with Seinfeld, The Sopranos, Friends, etc. It’s sad that the writers botched the last couple of seasons, but that’s another article for another day. It’s the most popular show on right now and you can hardly find anyone who hasn’t seen it. Networks are trying to find the next Game Of Throne whether it be Amazon’s Lord Of The Rings Prequel or HBO repeating and making adapting Watchmen into a great series. The problem is, with every company coming out with their streaming service, how can they know which show is the best one? No matter how good a show is, people wouldn’t subscribe to the service just for that one show. HBO loses subscribers after Game Of Thrones ends, but people who subscribe regularly to HBO will tell to keep subscribing because of shows like Barry and Silicon Valley.

So with every network coming out with their own streaming service, it will be interesting to see if there is THAT SHOW to heavily discuss with everyone not having to subscribe to each service.


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